Open, save files (all or selected), close
Select recent files and screen capture
Connect : Connect with DataServer
ScreenCapture : Capture current child screen

connect DataServer or ftp

Union : Union with two or more graphs.
Common : Find common node with two or more graphs.
Coloring : Find subset from current graph and set color
Divide : Divide graph by distance

Select layout method.

Select menu style.

Open an exisitng file of interaction data in a local computer.
Save the current interaction data to a local computer.
Change the size of the drawing to fit it into the current window.
Compute the layout of the interaction data.
Select distance direction.
Increase distance.
Decrease distance.

FitSclae : FitScale to current Window

Initial layout (Sphere, Random)

Expand or collapse composite nodes.
Auto : make a composite node by interaction

Edge : reduce edges
Collapse : find clique and collapse to composite node
Release : release clique node

Expand or Collapse by hierarchy

Show the edges of the network when the option of 'Draw Edge' is checked.
Show the nodes of the network when this option of 'Draw Node' is checked.
Show the name (i.e., label) of a node when the option of 'Show Label' is checked.

The size of a node can be changed in proportional to its number of edges or its z value. The option 'Const size' makes the node size constant.

Select layout method.

Show protein information
Change node property