- Node list bug fix
- Paste to new window bug fix(reference & node types)
- Add reference tab and link to web pages
- Detection of quasi-cliques and prediction of protein functions.
- Assignment of multiple attributes to nodes.
- Grouping of nodes and edges.
- Handling of XML file formats.
- Auto composite by interactions bug fix.
- File save bug fix.
- WebInterViewer standalone version (InterViewer4) is now available.
- Import GML bug fix (WebInterViewer)
- Web-based application of InterViewer.
- Collapse and expand bug fixed.
- Abstract to composite menu added.
- File load&save bug fixed.
- Option menu added.
- Draw directed graph (GML format only)
- A bug in the group layout fixed.
- Menu bug fixed.
- A minor bug in the shortcut of the DataServer was fixed.
- The DB menu in the main menu of InterViewer can read the data both from a DB in this server and from the user's own local DB. By default, it is set to the DB in this server. To read the data from the user's local DB, the DataServer (available from the download) for InterViewer should be running before opening the data. For a local DataServer, set the IP address and port number as follows:
IP Address:
Port: 8880
- The DataServer that can be accessed from InterViewer is now available from the "download" menu. The DataServer can be accessed using the "DB" menu both from InterViewer and from InterViewer running in the standalone application mode.
- Support dividing a graph by the distance from a current node.
Support coloring a graph.
Implement a new layout algorithm
- Support find subset (find subset of graph by template).
Support union graph (by index or label)
- Some bugs have been fixed.(DB Connection)
layout algorithm added (But not named yet..)
- InterViewer 2.3
: Supports a user-made DB (using tcp/ip).
- DataServer for InterViewer.
: Database Server for InterViewer.
Supports InterViewer 2.3 or later version.
Microsoft Data Access Components 2.7 should be installed to use DataServer.
- Supports abstraction of a graph. Maximum number of nodes has been increased to 100000.
Uses lower memory than the old version of InterViewer.
- 'Find Intersection' has been changed slightly to distinguish the edges in a common subgraph.
Some bugs have been fixed.
- User interface has been changed (MDI).
Data structure has been changed.
Maximum number of nodes: 65535